Tsuruhashi : Experience Korea Town in Osaka

To those visiting Osaka and Dotonbori, you should not miss Tsuruhashi, the Korea Town in Ikuno Chou which is very near. A variety of Korean merchandise, spicy food, Korean nori and the Hanbok. Everything can be seen here.

Korean/Japanese descendants consist of this population in Osaka. Having the chance to make business with Korean products in a Japanese system, they surely made this part their second home or a home away from home!

You enjoy the immersed culture and famous foods of Korea. Experience Korea and the business culture and people, the colors, and shop your hearts out in this busy area of Osaka!




What fascinates me most was how they make bargains seemed easier but when you ask for a price other than their limit, they will drive you away hastily 😀 And that is what so interesting and fun.

The main highlight when we went was to shop til we drop but that wasn’t the case when we were there! I only bought what, you say? Kimchi!! Yes, Only that! 😀

There is this dish you would not want to ignore and a must buy .. the kimchi and the mentaiko! Korea’s considered soul food can be bought here,   in a very reasonable price! Perfect for dinner or beer! Be sure to include “Korea Town” in Tsuruhashi when you visit Osaka next time!


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