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Inuyama Little World

Inuyama Little World Park

Little World is an open-air ethnological museum in which about 40,000 folk craftworks from all around the world and over 30 buildings from over 20 countries are displayed as an introduction to life and culture around the world.

Visitors can experience the wonder of each country through folk entertainments, shopping in craft shops and trying authentic dishes in ethnic restaurants, as well as by viewing the collection of houses and crafts.

I was so excited trying out some of those countries’ national costumes and my photographer contributed to the enjoyment I felt at that moment. Although it was just a replica of that country’s customs, the slight knowledge of those nations’ “way” of living made it all worthwhile and even more interesting.
Countries such as Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Germany, Italy
are among the few countries you can take a glimpse of when you visit.


French Costume
Korean Village


German Village


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