Ise Jingu

Ise Jingu (The Shrine)

Washing hands or cleansing is required to enter the shrine

Jingu or The Shrine located in Ise is a famous sightseeing spot in Ise , Mie Prefecture.It is said that the Sun Goddess Amaterasu O-Mikami is enshrined there.

It is customary to worship from the Gekuu (Outer Shrine). You purify your hands and mouth at the Temizu-sha washbasin and then worship at the Shoguu (Main Shrine). The nearby Magatama-ike Pond is a spot for relaxation and recreation enjoyed by the local people.

Uji Bashi (it is said that this bridge spans the secular and sacred worlds)
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Houses preserved during ancient times til present day..
A live performance was held during that day and lucky enough to take a short video of it.


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