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Miya River Watarai Park And YataiMura Matsusaka (Gathering of Nations)

Approximately thirty minutes drive from my place is this child-friendly pool park called Miya River Watarai Park. Summer won’t be complete without pools, beach and what else? For us, summer means heat, a sticky heat that you can only experience here in Japan. My country Philippines is a tropical country so it is not new however Japan summer days are kinda suffocating. Alternative ways to go out also is going to rivers when beaches are full. And it is always full during summer. Anyways, enjoy!!

Pool Bridge
Breathtaking View


After the pool escapade, we went straight to the Festival that was going through that day. A gathering of international at my adopted hometown.Booths of different countries representing their food, culture, national costumes, etc,

International Festival Matsusaka YataiMura



You can buy anything from these booths and what is interesting is that you can learn about their cultures and their countries through their presentations. Dance is also offered by the young generation of mixed cultures and it is indeed a fascinating sight to see different cultures united on this day, hopefully not only today. Did not finish the program til nighttime because of my little one.To all the sponsors and participants of the gathering, congratulations on a very successful event.

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