Exploring Ogaki on Halloween Day (Gifukens Best Places To Go)

(while on train,caught sight of this man harvesting tangerines)
Trip to Ogaki on Halloween Day was unexpected.We were supposed to go on the month of October but things went busy.The participation of the Halloween Party was out of plan.The main objective really is to experience the newly opened Spa where a  dear friend is the owner.And of course,catching up (we weren’t seeing each other for  3 years!)

Went by train and enjoyed taking videos of the scenery,natures magnifiscence always mezmerize me

Ogaki Station


It was a sunny but windy day and its cold already
After an hour or two,we arrived at Ogaki Station and another five minutes  drive, to the friends home.
The party will start at 3 PM and after exchanging hellos and hugs,we prepared our faces for the halloween makeover!:)
Now ready to Party!!!

The Spooktacular Halloween Party

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