My Spa Mantra Experience

Ogaki Spa Mantra Caters Exclusively For Women Only


The other night’s partying left us exhausted the following day.We overslept!I even wondered if I can ever try Spa Mantra’s Esthe which we scheduled the next day!We had a hurried breakfast at a nearby kesaten (coffee shop)I won’t probably be going home without it!Well,other reason why I was there other than missing my long time buddy!
The Pride
One of her diplomas

While she was preparing for the facial treatment, I was so absorbed in taking pictures of her certificates.I love the look and ambience of the room.She did all the designing all by herself!I am so proud of all her achievements!

Had a grand time chitchatting while she performed the facial treatment using collagen,catching up like the old times.I love the steaming part:)So refreshed and an overwhelming sense of smoothness all over my face when treatments done.There will be more next time I’m sure and will make more exploring around the place:)Oh and thank you also for the beauty advice,will surely do what you told me(wink)



Enjoyed it much Bruu!Thanks really,I feel I am ready for another ball!Lol




My Facial Treatment Session

For those who want to make an appointment(you have to call first)You may contact them at numbers 090 9199 6535/0584 73 7818.

Other Services Offered:

Thai Massage
Hot Stone Relaxation
Oil Relaxation





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