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Parque Espana Shima Spain Village (Spain Mura)

Parque Espana is a Spanish-themed amusement park with hotels and a hot spring spa. Children and adults alike can enjoy the park.They can make a moment for a drive or book a hotel to enjoy the park not just a day. Visitors to the park will enjoy all the essences of attractions from Spain through the parks beautiful reproduction of Spanish streetscapes, unique attractions, characterestic restaurants and diverse shops and stores.

You can experience Spanish culture in Japan. All attractions comes from the idea of the main Parque Espana of Spain. After you had your grand time playing and seeing attractions at the park, you can immerse on a hot spring for some self pampering. A Spanish culture  experience in Ise is at your fingertips when you visit Parque Espana!


Through Kintetsu Limited Express
From Osaka area(approximately 2 hours and 43 minutes)
From Kintetsu_Namba or Uehommachi Station to Ugata Station: Approx.2 hours and 30 minutes
*From the JR Osaka Loop Line,use Tsuruhashi Station to transfer to the Kintetsu Line
From Kyoto area(Approx.2 hours and 53 53 minutes)
From Kyoto Station to Ugata Station:Approx.2 hours and 40 minutes
From Nagoya area(Approx.2 hours and 13 minutes)
From Kintetsu-Nagoya Station to Ugata Station: Approx.2 hours

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