Fall Is Here

The seemingly soothing,just right, autumn breeze now seems to be felt! Thank goodness! We longed for summer to end because of this year’s summer heat and quite unbearable( I wonder how it would be years from now, and we really must find a way to end global warming and save Mother earth thus save ourselves from the future horrible effect)

The scorching rays of the sun sent a wave of painful heat and before you know it, you have been sweating extremely on this year’s summer season. Had been very busy amidst all of those hot summer days. We haven’t gone anywhere during summer vacation and just spent it almost in Suzuka where my kid learned to enjoy the fun rides. I have so many things to write though but when it comes to sitting down and type, all these calls and other mother duties kept me so preoccupied. New business had launched and was busy promoting and dealing with sales so maybe , will post another travel update and will take awhile for new travel update for you to catch up. Would like to thank you though for checking out here and welcoming those new visitors, wanna say “Konnichiwa“(that is a hello/good day/good afternoon) ! I also started a blog with more tips (grateful that made a success on this amidst the busyness),  and just anything that comes to mind, you can check it here.

Well, folks, that will be all for now, I wish you a great day ahead and do not forget to live, laugh and love.




  1. Howard Henry October 15, 2014
  2. Ann Yamagishi October 16, 2014

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