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Unforgettable Tastes of Toba

Summer was spent at home and since we didn’t went anywhere, my family longed for a sea escapade and a feast of seafoods on our lunch table- we haven’t got any fresh seafoods for awhile so when we got the chance, we head to Toba City just for the craving!

Toba City is located at the northern half of Shima Peninsula in far eastern Mie Prefecture, facing Ise Bay and is home and known for pearls and oysters. Tourists come to Toba to buy pearls or have a taste of the delicious fresh oysters served and grilled right infront of you.

Turban Shells


Choosing An Ise Ebi(Lobster)

Prices varies according to it’s sizes and availabilities of the catch during that day

Lobster Sashimi


One of the largest catch of that day: We got Lobster No. 2


Measuring, determining the prize through it’s size


This one! Grill now please!


Enjoying the grilling time right before your eyes!


Lobster, compared to the size of a palm


Let’s eat!


Loster Miso

We went home full and sleepy, not minding the smell of the seafoods we ate. It was a delicious filling lunch in which we can consider visiting again.

The Chisato shop where we ate was a small shop, serving fresh seafoods, where you can choose and eat. You can enjoy the freshly grilled, hot seafoods and enjoy watching the ama’s preparing them.

Enjoying sumptous food once in awhile is not that bad. It is like treating yourself , after all the hardworks and hectic scheds, and you got a time for even  an  hour escapade is heaven! Go out of town, and do whatever you want even for  a brief time. Because you deserve a break!


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