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Refreshed at Inokura Onsen


Japan is the country where “dipping in a hot spring (おんせん – onsen)” is a favorite and considered a luxury not to mention healthy and rejuvenating. Japanese people love to dip after a very hard and tiring day, loving the refreshed feeling, body and mind, that comes from bathing in a hot spring. Coming to an onsen for a nice hot spring bath is one of the things you want to come over and make most of your Japan experience.

If you come across or are somewhere near Matsusaka, you might consider Hakusan’s Inokura Onsen Resort. With a restaurant and banquet hall for groups and ceremonies, you can include Nordic walking activities and can rent poles for support and stay a day or two. Other activities are also available such as fishing as an option. Ask for the hotel staff if you want to try.


Delicacies to choose for an “omiyage” (presents)


menu for Japanese foods for you to try





the spacious area welcomes you at the entrance

Though onsen can be relaxing, those with high blood pressure need to take extra precautionary measures and observe proper temperatures before soaking.

Here are some points to consider before taking Onsen baths

  • Put your belongings on the locker provided, usually coin lockers, and leave your clothes. Just bring face towel or your own soap and shampoo if you choose to. 
  • Undressing and taking a bath first is the etiquette to remember if you are a first timer. You may feel shy at the first onsen experience but you don’t have to feel such because it is the norm and you will adopt easily once you see everyone doing it. Besides women and men are in separate onsen rooms so you are with the same sex if you worry for someone seeing you naked. You are just doing what everyone else is doing in an onsen.
  •  You have to wash your body thoroughly with soap and water. Most onsen has included this ( onsen set; shampoos, body soap etc) with the ticket but there are also people who brings their own including towels.


Before taking a dip, you have to pour first onsen water called “kake yu“for your body to slowly adjust to the temperature.

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Careful not to stay long on a very hot onsen if you have high blood pressure!

Bring a face towel with you to cover your sensitive parts while walking through the onsen bath. 

Guests lining up to buy a ticket for “おんせん – onsen”  baths


restaurant in Japanese tables

After your bath, you can further enjoy relaxations like massage or drinking beer or tea or sleep at rooms provided for guests.


Enjoying onsen is one of Japan’s nicest experiences you may not want to miss.


Access map for Inokura Onsen can be found here


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