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Japan Christmas Illuminations

Listening to Nat King Cole’s ” The Christmas Song” made me pause for awhile and recall how time flies, it is another Christmas day (and New Year)! And being here in Japan celebrating Christmas is very different on how we celebrate at home (Philippines). The Christian world is celebrating the birth of Jesus as a saviour and love with families, togetherness is special during Christmas.

In Japan, they celebrate Christmas here with Christmas cakes, Santa, kids wrote letters to their Santas( we know who that is), and hoping to get it on Christmas day.

The big catch is during Christmas season, LED illuminations are quite popular and is a wide attraction that interests most of the Japanese people. With family, kids, grandparents, all are on the holiday cheer with this beautiful illuminations all over Japan. No matter how cold it may seem, nothing can stop them going out and witnessing the grand display of lights during this season.


be mesmerized or startled of what those lights represents


can you guess?


You can have a nice view up




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