Sakura blooms at Matsusaka Castle Ruins

Late March and early April is considered “mankai ”  or in full bloom for these much awaited springing of cherry blossom flowers and Matsusaka castle ruins park is included.

Visitors can sit back and sip a coffee or buy a drink while viewing the pretty blossoms. There was also this small stall which sells foods, crepes inside the park.


People are enjoying the beauty of this day while having a tete-a-tete with friends and companions.
every year is just diffrent


entrance facing the Matsusaka City hall


With over 300 trees that gives beauty during the spring season, you will sure unload any negative stress or find relief just by viewing the splendor of the blossoms.


the beauty of sakura


no filter


stone walls and sakura, perfect combi


すてき (just lovely)

It was a weekday when we went and we did not  see groups, for they often come during weekends. The viewing will last until early April so be sure to go within those times.



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