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The Georgia

table centrepiece

Planning to have an event?

A wedding, anniversary or birthday celebrations with a formal setting (no, gorgeous I may say) in a reasonable price? And you don’t know where to book because you can’t read Japanese Kanji characters? Why not try The Georgia ( Kaoden ). Just recently I had the honor to be invited to attend by one of my companies celebrations and was held here.


The Hana Club Hall

The place was perfect for parties and wedding celebrations with a homey atmosphere. The moment you step upon the entrance, you can feel a fresh brisk of peacefulness and a luxurious warmth with the place. If plans and packages for your events are concerned, they are a pro in organizing.

Memories are worth keeping so why not book your event here too? I commend them for the service and if you have the budget, I recommend this place to you.

Themes are offered according to your events, feel free to give a them a try!


Enjoying Dessert Buffet during Tea Time at Hana Club



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