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I was in search for near Aesthetic  salon here for years after my experience with my friends’  salon in Gifuken. With all the hardwork and duties and responsibilities of being a mom and an entrepreneur I needed a time for relaxation and some  self pampering ( we moms deserve that!) Plus was searching for a product that will let me stick to it and not find hard where to go after my stocks run out! So, it was an answer from my question and a solution to my dilemma!
I was ever since a believer of law of attraction and indeed I found what I was looking for here at De I’m Beauty salon! No, do not interpret this with promoting Naris or what, just another thankful post because of the satisfaction it brings me.

Naris Cosmetics uses 100 percent natural on it is products that is why it is a friendly approach to the skin. This Majesta Neoaxis is the answer to my wandering, well although it was not a problem, a match to my skin! ( I stopped using other products since I tried this, no allergies or itchy feel like the ones I was using before)


I was given a free monitoring for a month upon buying a set of their products that I feel inlove by now and cannot go without. My bath time has never been pleasurable with my set he he
with the esthe beauty specialist doing the tutorial
 You are being shown on how to do the right thing so you can do it at home or anywhere once you have the product with you. A touch of learning and pampering in one.
After the session, you have a free access with the salon’s wide array of make ups, giving you the freedom to indulge! This is the best part that most girls love!
For free esthe, I can give 2 persons but first you have to contact me either by email or Facebook
For more info, visit Naris

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