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Saioh Matsuri Surreal

Saioh Sama The Grand Walk


the Saioh Sama


photographers had a grand time with their cameras


mikoshi (portable shrine)  carrying the Saioh
Every year, this colorful festival is being celebrated and witnessed by tourists in and out of the prefecture. A two day event that concentrates on the costumes, culture, beliefs, and worship through dance and drums recital.
Mei Hime with the Saioh


drums recital

The 33rd Saioh Festival was a successful and joyous event held at Meiwa Ise Prefecture.
It was said that during Heian Period, the Saioh started her sad journey on early dawn to Ise Meiwa Prefecture.

According to their website, they, as servants of God, were never allowed to be in love with someone. (saiohdotsubdotjp)

The event is held annually in a large lawn field of Saiku Historical Museum and every first week of June when Japanese iris is in full bloom.

A celebration that leads you back during the era that leads to an awesome event and will leave you thinking how to live during that time, with the extravagant heavy clothes that depict on their costumes. The whole story of the Saioh in English here.

I wonder how they washed their clothes during those times with those long heavy kimonos! A Japan heritage at large! It was jawdropping!

feasting with your eyes with the beauty and the colorful historic costumes
photoshoot with every batch
Saioh Sama with the Yumei Hime mascot


the procession reenactment of the Saioh
staring lovely at the audience



such a beautiful sight
the final walk
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Theme Song You Make Me Dream with Mei Princess mascot

Rest of the videos


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