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Enjoying a Lovely Day at Lowaii Cebu Marine Beach Resort

We had the opportunity to go and enjoy a lovely day at Lowaii Cebu Marine Beach Resort. We thought to try this resort as a venue for our family reunion and get-together. The resort has a relaxing ambiance and ideal for celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, and for hosting company events.
It was a sudden call and thanked the resort for accommodating us on such short notice. We have limited time so we don’t have enough choices fit for the occasion.

The venue was perfect for kids. The pool was the main area where the children flocked.


the pool facing the beach
We had the resort to ourselves, yes, the pool and the beach ( just unlucky it was low tide and we haven’t witnessed the beauty of the sea ) nevertheless, it was a fun and enjoyable chica and catching up with each other and our clan, so it was not an issue.
We caught some vendors alongside the beach as we stroll, peddling their self-caught shells and some other things and selling at the guests of the hotel.
the merchandise (not a good idea though)


letting us choose and trying to hook us with a bargain to buy

Dealing with the peddlers made me think of the “real world” which I know exists outside the resort. Here it was a “short break” with the guests to make some bucks other than the usual, so with that thought we bought some and brought back home as a souvenir.

It was an awesome day and thanking the Almighty for the blessings and once in a lifetime celebration, another memory saved in my love box.

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