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Beach Matsunase

playing, with the blue sky smiling at us

The winter chill is upon us and most of the time we are either indoors ( at home ) or strolling at the mall, hanging out at game centers or playing at the nearest park. For spontaneous activities, there are days my boy turns into this ” grumpy old man ” syndrome, not listening, forgetting his ” good boy’ yes mom ‘! “dialogues and the last time it  hits him, I took him outside, decided to go for somewhere not so far for a little winter fun, yes, amidst the frosting air and look for a beach just within the area. So, off we go to Beach Matsunase on a winter day!

The sea was welcoming us with the cold breeze, but the fun we had most was not from the playing, it was from collecting the garbage left behind or washed ashore. We had so much fun we didn’t notice the time, until it grows dark and call it a day.

Upon going home, it was a great feel with him hearing, it was fun mom! And that was the sweetest thing he said that made me feel accomplished. The job of a mom is tough at the same time very rewarding.


my little hero, a cleaning advocate

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