Cozy Afternoon at Koisan 513 Bakery


A very cozy bakery cafe somewhere along Bellfarm is now making a buzz here in my place. 513 Bakery or known as Koisan has captured the hearts of the people, locals and foreign because of the delicious and fresh bread everyday. Early morning is a long cue of costumers waiting for the taste of that delicious bread that has been said baked by a ” stone kiln magic ” that came from Spain. The coziness of the place also has a great contribution to its success. With a built-in playground, parents can enjoy their time while looking after the children. A variety of breads with a free coffee ( or soup ) that enhances the ” omotenashi ” ( hospitality ) which Japan practices and is now widely promoted ( aka with Ms. Christel Takegawas’ speech that made Japan the venue for the 2020 Olympic ).


A wide array of breads and pastries are yours to indulge, with the price reasonable enough that you may want to stay and enjoy the place the more!

See for yourself! As for me and friend, we were having a blast! Curious? Visit Koisan

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