Sea Turtle Upclose

Upon travelling to Kumano, you can catch this Sea Turtle Park along and a brief stop to see this friendly umigame うみがめ won’t hurt.

Located at Kihocho, this seaturtle minipark has been breading research sea turtles and you can enjoy exhibits of these animals here. You can have a fureai  (interaction) with them at the pools and play. There are times events are held, we did not catch the chance though.

You can also enjoy and shop with Kihocho’s abundant agriculture on their Bussan sale corner. Kumano is a laid back city with it’s famous ocean view and a famous fireworks that people all around Japan and even foreign, comes to visit just to witness.


They are huge and swim magnificently! Beautiful sea creatures!

Come and see Umi Game at Kihocho Mie Prefecture!






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