Shima Magnifique

We were out for a leisure walk and drove to the southside of Mie Prefecture and explored the 2016 Summit host place, ShimaShi. It was a bright day and the temperature was just perfect for a short adventure.

We thought to visit the Shima Kanko Hotel, and experience the place before the meeting of the participating leaders, will stay. The place was like a touch of Germany, with clear blue waters surrounding Shima and small islands can be seen through and it was just pleasing to the eye.

We explore the hotel where the Summit delegates, about to stay and the conference venue, tourists also came and made the Yokoyama Viewpoint full. There were just 20 vacant spaces when we arrive, but quickly filled in for parking and it won’t accommodate such large crowds.


panoramic view of Yokoyama Garden at it’s peak
the hotel where the leaders are to stay
captivating view
nearby marine land aquarium
A touch of Germany as we stare at the deep blue waters!


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