Mother’s Day Celebration

We had the chance to spend Mother’s Day celebration this year and I am thankful for that day mom and I had shared.

Being a mother also brings out the best in me.

Though congratulating myself for the sanity still intact, it is a constant battle or else you will end up having depression.

Parenting and living in a country you considered your adopted home adds to the pressure plus the everyday learnings you ought to do for you to be a better individual.

It is not an easy ride and every day is a struggle to be a better you for the good of your child and for your family.

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That is why I am forever grateful to my mother who spent most of her life, taking hold of us, (we were seven kids!)

I just could not imagine how she handled it when I having one only is already a handful!

Kids nowadays, the information age that totally holds their neck, need lots of guidance and attention.

Not like before, my growing years, that what mom tells you to do, and if you won’t listen or adhere, you will be reprimanded.

Now, reprimanding them won’t work, much more hitting them!

So, there is much more challenge on how, us, parents of this generation, catch their attention and to really listen. Making them put down that game, or that phone and do what they are asked to do.

Through real interaction with them, spending most of your time is really ideal. It depends on us, how they will do in society a few years from now or the very near future.

So help us, God.

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