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Comparing the educational system of my country, the Philippines and Japan is like traveling from the earth different poles. A mind boggling and a culture shocking experience I may say. In Japan, children are taught to be responsible at an early age, starting preschool, actually. They are obliged to walk to school with their peers. Carry their bags all by themselves (in my country, our parents sometimes do that for us). Parents and children are to observe the rules.

My son, being a half, one of our hopes and fears is that our child is not subject to bullying. And sad to say, Japan has the highest rate of bullying incidents specially if the children are raised by single mothers or is raised by a foreign mother. Suicide incidents are quite high among students. Though the education board prevents students to bully, it is far from being eradicated. So the question is, what should we do for our children not be bullied by their peers?

We really cannot stop or know  when bullying happens, but we should encourage our children to talk about their activities in school. How was it today? Who does he/she play with. Their conversations if you can, encourage them to tell you. And if you find out something is wrong. Talk to the teachers or the bullies if you have to. But if you find out that your child is one of those, you, the parent should take measures to prevent such behavior.

Mine on the other hand, which I am most thankful, never heard of bullying incidents yet. But I continue to be vigilant and let us all!

For us, mothers, this is an ongoing fight and we should arm ourselves with a strength of character plus prayers.


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