A Brief Visit to Saiku

Saiku Museum at Ise Mie Prefecture



The entrance to the museum, very accesible by train, even the not so well informed tourist can easily track this place, the easy way is by travelling by train.


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Saiku is the home of Meiwa’s well known Saioh Sama and because we didn’t got the chance to go to the museum last time, we thought to take a train and explore the museum. It was a lovely day for a walk and me and my boy, spent few hours since it was not that far from our place.


We enjoyed dressing up with the costumes and experienced what it was like being one. For foreign tourists, it will be a joy since you can have a grand time wearing it without the costs, yes, it is all free! There is for adults and for children so you can tag along your kids and have that unforgettable Saioh experience here. A must do if you visit

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