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Wakayama Exploration

Last day of our staycation at parent’s house and we decided to climb and see Japan’s tallest waterfall and shrine located at Wakayama mountain. The mountain range that connects the pilgrimage route “Kumado Kodo” is also waiting to be explored (maybe some other time).


breathtaking view

The gloomy weather doesn’t stopped us, it felt wonderful being on the top of the world with the magnifiscent creation of God beaming at you.

Nachi Waterfall upclose


beautiful piece of heaven here

Hubby told me  that this waterfall is haunted and some people who took photographs has haunting shots (either other people can be seen captured that does not exist during the actual taking of the photos). That eventhough it’s beauty and being sacred, there were also suicide cases reported. And made this a suicidal spot, the information felt creepy plus the haunting story.

Eventhough, you cannot deny the awesomeness of the place. We went home wet with rain but happy, full with inspiration and awe.



the pilgrims
Different folks with different nationalities were seen waiting for bus


one of the world’s heritage



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