Hakusan Windmills at Aoyama Plateau

The Hakusan Fuusha or windmills can be found in the Aoyama plateu in the center of Murou Akame Aoyama National Park. Located 600 to 700 meters above sea level, the place is a haven for golfers and also has an equestrian club. A picnic in the park is a very nice idea.

This park can be enjoyed regardless of seasons. Aoyama mountain park has a beautiful and lush greenery and that can be explored by people who love to jog or hike, since this area is a popular hiking spot. With the azaleas to welcome you whether you are there for a hike or for sightseeing. As the Japanese people say, you can have a ” nombiri jikan (a relaxing time) and can forget whatever stress you have at the moment.

credits: japanguides.net


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