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Horse Back Ride Try Out

I was merely having my weekly groceries when my attention was caught by this personnel infront of the store, holding a box and prompted me to try my luck and win a prize! I thought it was some kind of a free grocery thing with a horse product ( a horse’s milk or somekind of  stuffs like that) as we, my family and I, love to participate in those, kinda fun for us ??

Anyway, so there I was, stopped for a minute and tried my luck as I grabbed one ball. And voila! I won, he said! And he spoke in Japanese so fast I cannot come to understand all of the things he said. All I understand was I won and he said that those balls has hazure (missed ones, looks like he reads my mind upon those balls are just winning balls for everyone to win) ? and he showed me, really! Oh, I was just lucky or what! haha

Anyway again, fast forward, upon handling the winning tickets, reserved the slot! And when that day came, off we went to the stables, for my free horse back ride lesson! Yes! A horseback lesson, that costs a fortune and that only those, elites, can go there and have the nerve to try and be merry with the horses ?

my husband had been very patient documenting ?

The horse assigned to me is named Kanoka. She weights 500 kilos and she has an awesome figure, I was mesmerized of her beauty and how huge but how subtle she appears to be.

It was a 30 minute activity, which I mistook to be be hours and hours, assumed too much ??? but it was a lovely day with my boys and the beautiful Kanoka. I was also thankful to my trainor guide for being patient with me and my comprehension. Somehow it went fine. ?

You can have your own adventure with the horses at Crane Mieken。You will surely have one of the best days of your life, that is a promise!

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