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The Weeping Plums at Yuuki Shrine

                       Shidare Ume ( Weeping Plum Blossoms )
Upon coming home after our attended seminar, I decided to take a short walk and took a brief stop at Yuki Shrine in Tsu City. Together with my friend Joy, I thought to spend our chance to have time together, we don’t know when we are gonna be seeing each other next, she and her family will move in few days that is why.

We even thought we can’t make it because it started to rain and doubted if we can take shots without us being wet. So I drove and luckily, the rain does cooperate, it stopped just as we arrived at the place.


the entrance to the shrine

The picturesque facade of the shrine welcomed us and the garden does make you have that peaceful sense of belonging. We spent most of our picture taking there.


Although you can have more of the weeping plums and more beautiful views inside, we opted to let it go for rain anticipation again, entrance costs around 500-800yen.

So if you want to have just like our shots, the garden is all yours for free!


this is a solemn ground but great subject for photographers

Yuki Shrine or Yuki Jinja  is located at Fujikata area of Tsu, very near Minato Machi and Centrair ferry station. From Tsushin Machi station, a 10 minutes drive only!

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