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Positive Effects of Wisteria Viewing

The mesmerizing site of Wisteria Blooms (fuji in Japanese) offer a kind of relaxation you cannot ignore. If you experienced everyday toxicity, whether you are a busy mom, an entrepreneur or an employee whose day is always filled with pressure from work or excess working hours then causes you a stressful day everyday, then go and see the beautiful and positive vibes Wisteria blooms brings.

Just walking along and enjoying the scenery, the greens compliments the colors
that will make you feel relax and before you know it, you throw it all, the negatives and the stresses, just by staring at these blooms. It really is a therapy,
and you will go home feel refreshed and ready to go home, revitalized!

We, me and husband, were such very busy people and we took advantage the extra day without the little boy (he was at school, mom and dad had all the time to be themselves and had an awesome date) and we recommend these to couples with kids also, we needed a break, the two of us but still we do it together, that is our motto and what makes us stronger amidst the years.

Anyway, this place is at Kazahaya No Sato in Hisai,Tsu City. It is just very convenient for us, but if you love to go, you can catch these during mid May or first to second week. A 15-20 minutes drive if you are from Matsusaka.

For more info, or you want to go next year, you can refer to their website here

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