3 Steps On How To Start in Real Estate Business

I started working (part time) at real estate company almost six years now. It was a “try out” and an experiment of how can I go with the pressures in the industry I am about to indulge. Excited with the idea of having a side business and fear also, of what it can offer me and the doubts if I can make it. Still, I took the challenge I handed myself that time ?

And so, with the guys I happened to ask for informations had been very helpful and professional, ( we now handle several accounts, with turned over units ) I am not only gaining a business but colleagues turned into friends and comrades. It was an overwhelming six years and productive I may say!

You can do this while having your day job, spend few hours each day for it.

For those aspiring to go, be it referrals or making it full time, here is my take and hope you can also learn what we have applied.

1. Search for the perfect mentors, company and developers.

Have enough time to research people that will lead you to proper training and who takes costumers very well not just for the sale but for their proper customer handling. Remember, the customers are the ones who can make or break you or your business.

2. Learn marketing especially online marketing.

In today’s age, the internet is the fastest thing that can get you your first sale! Invest for online marketing webinars, if you cannot buy those, invest time for researching through Google, take advantage of that.

3. Be as accommodating as you can.

Customers wants to have that engagement with you. They may have endless questions and would not buy that instant but you have to equip yourself with enough patience while educating them about your product. Be consistent, the sale will eventually come. Just, don’t rush!

And I wish you best of luck!
See you on the field 🙂

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