J Alert

Japan’s J Alert System In Times Of Dangerous Threat

North Korea launched another ballistic missile test and this time it crosses over Japan and landed near the sea at Hokkaido Japan.


Woke up yesterday with husband switching the television and upon seeing that government authorities were very busy dealing with the recent activity, we at home upon watching, morning routine was interrupted with a warning and the area where the missile’s path was advised  to take cover

Though it landed harmlessly at the sea, it was a total meiwaku (annoyance and a grave threat to Japan’s peace and quite living) Bullet trains were temporarily stopped and commuters had to wait for few hours until it cleared.
Messages of concern from relatives and friends overseas were flooding my inbox. 
Japan has a system called J Alert (全国瞬時警報システム Zenkoku Shunji Keiho Shisutemu), where television screens, mobile phones, and sirens are sent as a warning to take cover and seek shelter once a ballistic missile passes. 
When times of typhoon or disasters, citizens received these kinds of messages. 
To all who are in Japan, let us all be one in prayers that nothing will happen inspite of those “reckless” playing of weapons. We can only hope that they may have the will to stop. 


  1. Süslü Kokona September 2, 2017
  2. Ann Yamagishi September 4, 2017

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