Lazy Summer Afternoon

boys enjoyed the “finding nemo in the river” part the most

Okay, so summer means longer and brighter days and long vacation with the kids at home. Parents need to plan where and how to spend it differently this year. 
In Japan, school prepares the long vacation with summer assignments and journals for the students, so even in vacation, they have an activity to work on everyday, the learning continues while having their adventures whether at home or outdoors.
We took our boy to the nearest river park here and challenged him to look something, whatever they may find at the park and make an essay. Fortunately, a fellow student of the same school was there and the company made it more fun (he doesn’t have to deal and play with just mom and dad)!
They found a Haze fish and kawa baby shrimps that doubles the fun, took a series of photographs for his school report and as a prize for the job well done, he got an ice cream which was the best part, according to him. The joys of childhood ehh. 
We also enjoyed the brief stay and quality time. Nothing like seeing the ones you loved happy, isn’t it?
To those who want to go and bring their kiddos,  just few minutes from Bellfarm, you can see a gasoline station and from the nearest Family Mart convenience store, go right and drive for  approximately 5 minutes and you are there.

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