3 Ways to Start a Blog in Japan

You are in Japan and you have knowledge that can offer and can benefit people (whatever it is .. you are selling something, or you love cars, fond of collecting etc. and want to make a business out of it, and want to reach out to them)?

You can put it all in a blog!

But hey, what is a blog by the way!

According to Wikipedia, a blog is a discussion or informational website published in the worldwideweb that consists of discrete often informal diary text entries known as posts. – (source wikipediadotorg)

It is often a personal opinion or views of the blogger.

Okay, but you say, how? Where to start?

1.) Build trust first with your audience.

If you have a huge following on Facebook and your audience is  a responding audience, you may offer them your services after you have gained their trust! You have to put value always in your posts.

2.) Create a free blog at Blogger.com or WordPress.com

This service is free! You can instantly create using blogspotdotcom or wordpressdotcom. (For paid platforms, use wordpressdotorg) If you want to know more and looking for recommendations, I have a closed Facebook group for discussions, you can join and ask directly specific questions.

3.) Hire someone that can set up your blog for you!

You will have to pay or start an investment if you are serious in making money with a blog. If you would like to start and learn how to, you can directly message me here.


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