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Advantages and Disadvantages of Traveling with Family

We all know how important it is to make time for our families in spite of the hectic schedules at work. The kids also have to keep up with the pressures at school and at home. Goes home, do homework, take a shower, and go to bed! Mom and Dad are exhausted after a whole day’s work and hardly have time to talk or play. Everyone misses out and another day of their lives spent doing all the life’s cycle.

What a waste!

Every day is supposed to be a chance for a bond, for the family to be happy and spend with each other to talk, play, and just be there, communicating, right? But in reality, it is not that easy.

Ours is the same.

And so, we put it off for bonding, on weekends! Yes! (Sounds like that, huh!)
So everyone is excited for the weekend to come!

Then came, bonding day!

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Though we anticipate the day we bond with them, there will always be challenges!

Can you relate to the advantages and disadvantages listed here?


Being there traveling and spending quality time with them, is a blessing. Lots of families nowadays are spending time alone, or away from the family they so long and loved. The money and time spent with them are always worth it. Most of all, nurturing friendships, start with them. As it is often said, the family is the foundation of the society, so in this time of divorce, separation, and breakups, it is a thing to hold and be grateful for. And like glass, careful never to break it.

The Disadvantages

Because of familiarity, they clash! Yes! The supposedly fun day became, a debate on what to eat, or where to go and argues of here and there, traffic, what else? On our part, the husband always has this dilemma of everything undesirable in his sight. Though he was far worst before, now he mellows a bit, lol.  And then, that starts up, the never-ending discussion of why care, (whether the man in the street or the slow driver ahead of us, small, silly things actually, made you even laugh after the heat of discussion abated) it was supposed to be a fun day!

Mothers/homemakers really have to have a ton of patience and persistence, anyway, it is the most precious of all, family.



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