The Liebster Award Nomination

Okay, I apologised to Joe of JoeTravelblogs for the late reciprocation of my nomination, but
want to say Thank You, Joe for the nomination! Joe is also a  travel blogger , who always make me laugh, I love his articles and am a follower of his blog.

About the  Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is a fun way to recognize up and coming blogs. 

These are the rules:

Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog. Give the award to 5-10 new bloggers who you appreciate. Leave  a comment to their blog, letting them know that you have given them the awesome award!


1. What are you most proud of your life? My family.

2.Which is your favorite city you have been to? Europe, Italy!

3. Which TV show is your guilty pleasure? It is a Japanese Travel/Comedy show called “ItteQ”

4. What is your favorite form of social media? Facebook and Instagram

5. Can you speak any other language? Yes, I can speak 2 other languages other than my native language.


1. The most unforgettable moment of your life?

2. What is/are your present goals?

3. How long have you been blogging?

4. What is your favorite food?

5. What is your favorite life quote?


I nominate the following people for the Liebster Award:

1. The Suburban Wedgie by freelance writer Naomi Fryers

2. Dipkisstravelersblog by two love birds Rob and Jolie

3.Bliss Memoires by Rica, who is now exploring the world without spending too much.

4. My Motivated Mind Tips on how to stay positive and motivated.

5. Pursuing Delights by Elva Fisher on how to manage home and tips for parenting

6. Roshkhanna beautiful writing of a technical graduate and lecturer to upcoming engineers.

7. Squarenoid the blog about blogging

8.Marichiworld Cool products for you 

9. Waitmarinawho travel stories and pieces of her thoughts on her blog

10. Italianbites your guide to speaking Italian

There you are! It is your turn and all you have to do is link my blog, answer my questions and nominate 5-10 bloggers for the award in a blog post!

Happy blogging Y”all!



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