4 Places You Should Visit in your 24 Hours in Dubai

This is a guest post from Shedi, a Dubai based travel blogger. We will experience Dubai through his observations and recommendations!

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Burj Khalifa

The iconic tower of Dubai. It’s very crowded on weekend evenings. So better to go in the morning on a working day. Lifts are quick and the staff is helpful. You can experience the lightning speed of the lift to reach the top floor. Souvenir stores sell different items, but you might find them cheaper elsewhere in old Souk. It is an Amazing and man-made wonder.You should experience the beauty and excitement. The views from the top are exquisite and the fountains from the top look magnificent. If you are planning to visit Dubai, then must add this plan to your list, plan the timing minimum three days before your visit. Parking lot available, but expensive. If you have a disabled person then do not worry Wheelchair accessible inside. A good place to visit with family. Overall a nice experience. I recommend it to everyone.

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Gold Souq

This is the house of Gold. At least 200 gold shops full of latest designs and traditional designs as well. While shops are selling gold hustlers out on the street will try to sell you fake branded watches.. be careful unless you really want. I went there a few times It was a wonderful experience walking down the roads with everything glittering around. It is a very fascinating place which everyone should visit. It is located in Deira, open all seven days in the week including FRIDAY. You can get a simple tiny nose ring to gold Burj Khalifa in this place. A treat to the eyes of women who love Gold. One of the best and must visits in Dubai. I have written a detailed post how you can buy gold cheaply here.

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Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

You need to have a restaurant reservation or hotel stay reservation in order to enter this hotel. It’s not open to the public. So I went there for a lunch buffet. The waiter would take away your empty plates on the table while you are away to get food, which is pretty thoughtful. However, one of the waitresses wear heel sandals and makes a loud noise when she walks on the marble floor. It just really doesn’t fit with the self-claim five-star experience. However, the car parking service was pretty good. You don’t need to tell them your name and they just know which car is yours and bring you the car. The decor vice is luxurious but not my cup of tea. It’s simply flashy, but not classy.

Dubai Desert Safari

This trip is a must for visitors, and always a fun time with family, a quality time with friends, recommended visiting. All activities of desert safari are fantastic, but dune bashing is breathtaking! If you are comfortable with adventures not, then leaving dune bashing, but still worth experiencing it. Food is not that great for many people, but I personally like it. No words for belly and tanoura dance performances.The Desert Safari drive was way too exciting from what we had imagined, absolutely thrilling drive for about 20 minutes to the Camp. You get to experience a 2 minute Camel ride outside the camp. And then Inside the camp was a pleasant evening with stage shows, artifact stalls and more. Buffet Dinner is included in your package. You can read my desert safari experience here.

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Shedi is travel blogger based in Dubai. He left his boring job and daily life back in 2016 and started exploring the world. He loves beaches and greenery places. His blog is an ultimate source for Dubai tourist. He is a freelancer guide on discoverdesertsafari  and write his experiences on Dubai Travel Adventure . Check out Dubai and it’s beauty!

This is a guest post from Shedi, a Dubai based travel blogger. You can find his works here!


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