Starting The Year Right


Hello loves!

You may wonder why my previous articles are not seen on this blog anymore?

For those who follow my blog, I am so grateful for coming back here and checking what is up and if there is a new one. Sadly, those articles (and some you have commented on, that made me sad a bit, too, but decided to move on..) aren’t being recovered since our last update and migrate from the former host. The blog has transformed from travel to a general lifestyle blog that talks about anything!


Rest assured we will create more content ( travel, tips, tutorials, and more fun!) 2018 will be awesome, and we will strive to update you on the most recent and relevant topics!  So once again, happy 2018 everyone and let us rock this year of the dog! Blessings and good health to all



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  1. LaiAriel Samangka April 20, 2018

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