Valentines Day in Japan

Valentines Day in Japan is kinda unique and interesting!

February is known to be the month of love thus celebration of Valentine’s day is just well, a normal thing? Well yes, I guess all will agree!

Back home, I remember when we ( me and friends) were still single, we would be so lonely and often times wondered if we can receive any Valentine gifts or flowers from/or an admirer or if boyfriends are present, from those guys! And for being single during Valentines is a shameful thing, I remember buying ourselves flowers,


Oh, that funny thing we did during Valentines day ehh!!

Okay, back to Japan, Valentine celebration topic. Men are receivers of chocolates, a different kind of celebration, right! No flowers for girls, or gift giving. It is exclusive to men, only!

In Japan, they have this thing called Valentine Choco or in Japanese is called “Giri Choco”or aka obligation choco.. ( it is common to give to co workers, classmates).So in Japan, Valentines day is for the guys. I know it sounds kinda weird but it is the thing here. And girls, will spend time and money to make those Giri choco to guys of their choice. While those not so “attractive” guys won’t receive as much as those “motteru” men. So, when a guy is popular, he will have the most share of chocolates,Valentines day but they also has more to give back during Women’s Day, also known as White Day. That is when the girls, receive the return gifts they gave to men during Valentines , it falls on March 14.

Honmei Choco – this chocolate often self made is being given to husbands and boyfriends, with the romantic involvement of making it, the celebration and manifesting true love. Supermarkets in Japan often floods choco making paraphernalias and how to make choco recipes all over.

So when in Japan, if you are a lady, you know what to give to bosses and co-workers and to husbands/boyfriends.

Enjoy the celebration!




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