5 Reasons Why You Should Fly PAL

Will share my 5 reasons why you should still fly PAL in spite of being late!

February 25th, our supposed to be the flight back to Japan so we went to the airport a bit early for us not to be late. However, the effort was found futile.

My husband has a thing about PAL (Philippine Airlines) He would not fly any other airline other than this. The high prices are not an issue for him as long as he’s comfortable. Ever since he visits the Philippines, he won’t go unless he flies with the airline. I, on the other hand, wanted to avail the cheaper ones, my reason, it is just a four-five hours flight from where we are. But no, he doesn’t want us. Until we encounter this. His fetish for the airline declined or so I thought…


Upon seeing the information about our flight being delayed for an hour, I went to the PAL staff who were at the gate, informing them we have a flight to catch at 2:05 in the afternoon. It read 11:30 something as far as I remember (an hour late) We are supposed to arrive in Manila at 11:50 am. We waited for the boarding announcements but there was none, so I went up and asked.

“Maam, it is just an hour late so aabot po kayo sa flight nyo ng 2 pm” (Maam, it is just an hour late so you will still catch the 2 pm flight) was the answer. I wasn’t convinced, so I approached again after 15 minutes still no announcements for boarding. Told them, an hour after that if ever we cannot catch the flight at 2 pm, will they refund or rebook us for free?


Then, one attendant told me (and another passenger, a Japanese lady, who doesn’t know any English skills – had to explain to her what was happening that time) that our flight is delayed for an hour. Then came the announcement along with the ticker, because the airplane is still not ready. We departed almost 1 pm! Okay, so we are about to run in this case! Alright! Goodluck to us!

“Manila office will rebook you to the next flight and will arrange for your accommodation, worst case if you can’t catch the flight!  So please do not worry, you will be taken care of..” the staff told us. We shrugged off in surrender because we cannot do anything but wait.



Arrived in Manila 1:30 pm and we have to go get our baggage then run for our international flight! It was so impossible, upon checking the time, we won’t make it, so while my two boys get the baggage, I ran to the Baggage Transfer/Customer Service Area to inform them (if not check us in while we get the baggage, we were facing the impossible, yes!) The staff was very helpful though but to no avail. Our plane won’t let us in anymore. So, the inevitable happened!

We are to ride the next flight, the next day! And yes, they will provide for our accommodation.

And as much as we would like to go home, upon reaching the hotel location where we are to stay, we retire and took a rest. After an hour or so, we decided to take a look and what the place can offer to us, tired travelers.

Hoola! We were amazed! We never thought! Haha! Yes!

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We didn’t expect the free accommodation could be a surprise! As the PAL staff assists us and called that our driver was on his way to fetch us, the agitating feeling of being “left by the airplane” slowly went away. And we took a series of photos. The place has the grandeur of a 4-star hotel or so I thought and googled for it, and was right!

We love the interiors and the details, looking at it is decorated in a Chinese setting and you can feel the warmth of the staff and the place itself!

me at the hotel lobby

It was also very accessible and just beside Harrison Plaza Shopping Complex. The buffet was awesome and the food was great! We did enjoy, the irony of it, right! Yes, I know 😀


preferred to enjoy and be optimistic 🙂


  • They will assume responsibility when the time calls for it.
  • They will make sure you are perfectly taken cared of.
  • They are the largest airline company in the Philippines.
  • They have delicious meals onboard.
  • They strive to serve you even how difficult the cases will be.


My family wants to extend our heartfelt thanks and for letting us experience Century Park Hotel. It added to our list of choices to stay when in Manila.







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