Conquering Nalusuan Island at Olango Reef Cordova (A Photo Story)

We were so excited to conquer Nalusuan Island in Olango Reef Cordova in Mactan Cebu.

Yes, the name is interesting if you speak our Cebuano language. It always brought a laugh to whoever hear it the first time. I will let you guess the meaning of the word (to those English speakers. Hint, it is man’s private part in Cebuano language). The whole meaning of the word can be found in Wikipedia, you can go google anytime!

The first stop was Caohagan Island where we enjoyed swimming with the oh, so clear waters and it was not so cold nor warm, just right for a fun swim! The place was perfect for snorkeling also. Shame I didn’t have any goggles with me but I enjoyed the swimming part. We spent our lunch on the boat and jumped to the waters thereafter. It was fun, fun , fun!

Photo by: Axel James Dayon                        Model: Kristina Chantal

The last stop was at Hilotongan Island. It is located in the west part of Bantayan Island.

Hilotongan Island


Swimming at Caohagan Island

The team was set to go early morning at Cordova Parola and rode a  “rented boat”. It is one of the three spots to go for our island hopping activity on that day. 

Resort Entrance Details

  • An entrance fee of Php 200 if you want to explore Nalusuan
  • Your boat will wait for you and you just have to advise them what time will you be back.
  • Photos. Shoot your hearts out. (Though they charged for a professional photoshoot few thousand pesos.)
  • One of our team got sick “suddenly” and a nurse was very helpful.


The Team

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We brought along foods, and of course our cameras for the adventure and fun, and  capture the beauty of the island. It was awesome and would love to stay there for a couple of hours more.


Nalusuan Island

The Hallway

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There is this Giant clam which caught my attention and couldn’t resist taking a video. Just amazed.



Taking photos with these guys and this wonderful island is heaven! Would even want to stay longer if we just had more time.

Credits: Kristina Chantal, Axel James Dayon, The Dog Club Team, Ms. Mari and Francis and my beautiful sissies and family for the fun and never-ending cooperation with Manang’s plans.

Thank you all so much for making this possible!

Til next time guys!



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