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3 Beaches In Mie Prefecture To Spend Summer

Hi all!

Yes, it is now the Autumn days and I am loving the cooler breeze and so glad the painful and  dangerous levels of heat is now over.. (next year will be tougher and should be planned ahead, isn’t it?) Thinking of it now makes me sigh and only hopes it won’t get that bad next year, huh! Though this will be a late summer post, preferred to post it anyway! 😀



And so, for today’s blog topic, will share with you guys, why you have to visit these 3 beaches in Mie if you come to the place during summer.

Since many asked where is Mie? Much more when that dreadful, strong typhoon just hit just a few weeks ago!

Mie Prefecture 三重県 Mie-ken is a prefecture of Japan, it is a part of the Kansai region on the main Honshu Island. Mie Prefecture includes these cities; Iga, Inabe, Ise, Kameyama, Kumano, Kuwana, Matsusaka, Nabari, Owase, Shima, Suzuka, Toba, Tsu, and Yokkaichi. It is the prefecture where the known F1 Racing event is held and often hosted, the Suzuka Circuit!

With the scenic temples of Wakayama, the beaches are also a place to explore and go during summer season!




1.Nachi Beach Katsuura  

After exploring the beautiful scenic views of Nachi mountains Wakayama Exploration

This beach can be crowded in summer but you will surely love to spend a day there with your precious ones. It has a free shower and a small kiosk for food. Most of all the ambiance is superb! Looking for the best beach in the area? You won’t be disappointed visiting here. Enjoy the clear waters of  Nachi Beach

2. Atashika Beach



The blue colored sky coincides the waters in this captivating beach between Owase and Kumano. Before you arrive at the main area, you have to cross a bridge (in a river to be exact) And enjoy the super clear waters, and it was also a treat for the hot weather. Dip in and play with the river water first then to the sea! Considered as Japan’s cleanest and scenic beach

3. Goza Shirahama



Goza Shirahama Beach is in Shimachi Goza and is one of the best beach water in Japan that exceeds in Tokai area and is known to have the longest shoal. My family considered this our favorite next to Wakayama beaches. Crystal, blue waters? It is here, you can’t ask for more! Japan has a share of beautiful beaches, in case you do not know yet.




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