Zofluxa Advantages And Disadvantages


Mie Prefecture has just issued an emergency warning for the Influenza A outbreak in the region, this year, it is this early. We had it Christmas season. Usually, January or February when strikes. With or without the vaccine, people come to emergency most often.

Five years ago, we experienced the strain but it was considered mild than this year. The impact and symptoms are more serious than it was five years ago. And what surprises us was the new drug, prescribed to us, Zofluxa.

According to our Doctor, just one take with this amazing drug within 24 hours of experiencing flu symptoms and you will recover as early as two days!!

I was like, oh really!!??

Who wouldn’t, I still remember the time we were locked for one week at home and still having slight fevers even after a week.

Son was the first one who was diagnosed with the Type A virus and since I brought him 12 hours after the symptoms, he was well after 2 days!

Symptoms includes:

  1. A runny nose
  2. 38.6 sudden fever ( when in the morning, he was so active and even dancing! )
  3. Pain in the muscles. ( Complained pain in his shoulders )
  4. Restlessness.



..attacks the virus at it’s source.

Their website states and we experienced this firsthand. And really was amazed! What an amazing drug! We are so thankful. I remember last time, a week is the normal time for healing.


Experience lightheadedness for few days but not that was not bearable.

Just lay and rest. So far, those are the only disadvantages.

(Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, source of information from the main website.)

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