4 Things Must Do at Adventure World Shirahama

Happy New Year 2019!

Year of the Pig for 2019 creates a new sense of excitement for us. New challenges were accepted, whether in financial, mental, or developments for the new projects this year! I am elated and proud of the accomplishments last year that made me more eager to explore. Let us do this!


(Yes, you, most especially! Hit the road to positivity and productivity!)

Okay, so, back to the story 😀

New Year was a private celebration with Osechi Ryori and spending time with family. (Osechi Ryori- Japanese way of preparing food during the new year that represents health, happiness, and prosperity)

The second day, we found ourselves, hitting the road to Adventure World. It was five years since our last visit and much has been changed since then.

4 Things Must Do at Adventure World Shirahama


1400 animals that are being taken care of and are growing! Check and bring the whole family!


Giant Pandas, Asian elephants, zebras, hippopotamus, monkeys, owls, lesser panda, and more! What is your favorite animal? You can surely find it here.

1.) Explore the Safari Park. The Safari is home to animals that can’t be seen on normal days. Herbivores and carnivores zone is an exciting trip. Kids and adults are sure to have fun exploring interacting and learning about their habitat.

2.) Check Giant Panda and the new baby. 

Born August 14, 2018, named “Saihin” the youngest of all five families in Adventure World. Giant Pandas are only found in two places in Japan. Ueno Park in Tokyo and here in Shirahama in Wakayama. China and Japan have an agreement to lend these Giant Pandas and once another baby is born, it is China’s right to decide, naming, lending, and so forth. So far, the family grew over time, and people flocks and come all over to see these cuties.

3.) Watch the Dolphin Show at Marine Land. 

Dolphin Show at Marine Land

4. ) Fellowship, interaction with the animals at the Feeling area (Fureai)

Wanna touch and interact with the owl or horses? Have a lazy watch with a lesser panda or watch the parade of animals and have games after?

Of course! Feel free and have yourself an excellent time.


For the whole video and virtual trip with Ann, go here


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