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6 Tips For A Smooth Flight With Kids

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Guest Post from Letitia Hearty


Looking for a change of pace? Wanting to get away but dreading the thought of dragging your kids on a vacation? The premise itself is stressful but it doesn’t have to be.



When the time came for my husband and I to take both of our boys out of the country for a trip to Disney World, I was nervous. Two young kids, who aren’t used to traveling on a plane? Sounds like a nightmare in the making, right? Not only did we get through it, we had a blast.



Looking to make your plane trip with children successful? Here are 6 tips to help your trip nail a smooth landing:



  1. Prepare – Making sure that your children know what’s coming can save a lot of anxiety. The better you prepare the better traveling is going to go. For kids that have never been on a plane before show them some pictures and videos. Explain to them what’s going to happen. Make it exciting for them. By the time my oldest got on the plane he was jumping for joy. He found it all exciting, even ordering some snacks from the attendants. Also, make sure you arrive early enough to get through security and customs. You never know what kind of hold up there will be. You’ll also want to ensure everyone has a bathroom break before boarding. Every flight I’ve been on has allowed people with young children to board earlier than others. Take advantage of this to get settled.



  1. Popping ears – I have always made sure when traveling with my kids to have something available for them to suck on, drink, or eat during takeoff and landing. This helps stop their little ears from popping with the pressure change. Popped ears are very unpleasant and kids, especially the younger they are, don’t cope with this well. This is why you’ll often hear kids start crying shortly after the flight has started.



  1. Keep them entertained- You don’t have to get too creative with this. Simply make sure you pack a couple of fun things in your carry on to keep those little hands busy. A portable gaming system, a couple of small toys, snacks, a book all work fine.



  1. Keep them contained- This is for those sweet little babies and toddlers you may be traveling with. A small umbrella stroller is perfect for travel. It is easily checked at the door of the plane making getting around the airport a breeze. I also use a carrier. You will need to check with your airline about the rules. Here you aren’t allowed to wear baby/toddler during take off and landing but during the flight it is fine. A carrier is great if you don’t have extra help on the plane and you need two hands or have to use the restroom. On our trip to Disney, my 1 year old slept attached to me during both flights. This is an especially good tip if you don’t have a seat for your little one.


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  1. Booking your flight- If possible book your flight around nap time. This will help aid your little one to rest on the plane, hopefully allowing you to rest as well.



  1. Dress comfortably- Planes are dry and warm and you may be traveling from one climate to another. Stick with light comfortable layers. I found that a footed sleeper worked very well for my one year old especially as wearing him made it warmer for us. We went from some extreme heat to freezing cold; Florida to Canada.



About the Writer

Letitia Hearty


Letitia Hearty is a mother to two young boys, a writer, content creator, and an artist in Toronto, Ontario. Sometimes she thinks she is funny which is when she gets the urge to write and illustrate on her own blog, Apparently a Mom (www.apparentlyamom.com).




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