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3 Things To Do In Nara Japan

Hello there, February!

The love month that everyone loves err dreads.. (to those without dates?)

Well, it is the love month so if you haven’t found love yet, doesn’t matter you can always love yourself, right!?


My first post for February is yes, related to love, of course. The love of family!

Scanned my hard drive and as I browsed for pictures for topics for my next post, stumbled across these old photos of ours and upon checking my old blog posts, found out I don’t have any post about Nara, then the idea came!

Okay, here it goes..

Our little one, just a year old when we went to Nara, the first time! And so read on!

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When talking about Nara, you will surely hear Todaiji or The Great Eastern Temple, considered to be the landmark of Nara Prefecture. It was constructed in 752 as the head temple of all Buddhist temples. Nara is known in Japan as the place with lots of temples and considered a holy place and the symbols of this holiness are the Deers which you can see roaming at the adjacent Deer Park next to the hall.

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3 Things To Do In Nara

  • Play with the Deers (these are considered holy and whoever hurts them is punishable by Japanese law, so careful when being near them) When you bring food, they often grab it from your hands, so if ever keep it inside your backpack to be safe. Nevertheless, they are harmless. These guys love the shika senbei, a some kind of rice crackers made just for them. So, when a Shika (deer) approach you, it only means one thing. They think you have a senbei for them!
  • Experience the Awesomeness of the Big Buddha (Daibotsu) at the hall (Daibotsuden ). The building was being built mostly of wood. Be in awe with Daibotsus’ 15 meters tall, bronze statue and immerse yourself of the amazing wood carvings and sculptures that can be seen around it. 
  • Achieve spiritual enlightenment in the next life by the hole in the pillar! Get into the hole that is in the pillar and pilgrims believe that those who fit in that hole can achieve enlightenment in their next life. 

Located at the northern part of Nara Park is Todaiji Temple. You can access this through bus, or train.

Check the map here

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