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3 Places Not To Miss When In Kyoto Japan

The 3 Places Not To Miss 

  1. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

The second most visited place in Kyoto is Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. This place has a special kind of mystic that you sure can define upon walking through the bamboo path. It is like

being in another world and soaking yourself amidst the forest and appreciate nature’s beauty and radiance. When planning to go, we recommend going on weekdays so as not to worry with

flood of people ( although it is fun! ) If you want the forest to be all by yourself consider going early on weekdays!

 2. Fushimi Inari Shrine


Known as the head shrine of the God Inari who considered as the God of rice, sake, prosperity and the patron of merchants, manufacturers, and business. Located at the base of Mount Inari

and home to 10000 gates and smaller gates or torii in Japanese. It is these gates that you will find one after the other. Why? Because it just spans a whopping 233 meters (764ft) In Japan, there is

this food called Inarizushi and this derives from this place in Fushimi, yes! God Inari is the God of crops. And all these thousand gates with Kanji character etched in it? These are donations

from the merchants and businessmen as a way of gratitude to the Gods! Interesting, right! Yes, all has its meaning here.


3. Kiyomizudera (Kiyomizu temple)

We haven’t got the chance to go to this temple though one of my targets for the day. The architectural structure is by far the most interesting! There isn’t one single nail

that has been used in the veranda of the main hall , that is a 13 – meter – high. It is said is composed of 139 trees (that sturdy?) This is the main backdrop for the perfect

Kiyomizudera photo op in this area! And mind you, 400 years old already! Jaw dropping, right? Yes.


Photo from Flicker

The video of the whole trip, enjoy!



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