What’s up for Mothers Day

Things To Do For Mother’s Day 

It was an overwhelming April and the planned blog updates turned out to be a series of  “will do this next time” episodes and here I am on the end of the month updating all of you with this Mother’s day post instead.

I missed blogging and sitting here just putting my mind out into writing makes me glad! Yes, I know in time management, there will always be something to put aside and some things to put it first. The productive life we celebrate sometimes made us into wanting another body to function. LOL


Anyway, this post is about Mother’s Day and the gratefulness we would like to extend to our maternal influence, and the impact these guys have brought to our lives. And since we will be celebrating it few days from now, maybe you can have an idea what to give them. Gifts, cards, letters, anything that could express our love and devotion. Anything really, and even if nothing to give, just being there with them will do.


Our Story

Grew up with this beautiful woman and she was fierce and never feared to speak up and share whatever her thoughts and ramblings. She also has this never-ending “mass mornings- (Misa in Bisaya language)” our siblings often called it and we were accustomed to that, too, maybe that made us into these most tolerant people on earth hehe . . But even though, she was and always lovable and can never be replaced in our hearts. No amount of material things that we can give her now can equal the love and sacrifice she bestowed during those difficult growing up years. That is why we would never be hesitant in making her happy and the returns are just right.


To our dear Mother, thank you and we will never get tired of saying that until our last breath. You are the reason we are here making an impact and partaking that “talents” that started from you.


Thank you Ma, we love you so much.




Your Kids




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