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Five Things To Do Before Summer Ends

By: Tizziana Piatos

Summer in the Philippines in this post by our guest writer from Davao City

The end of summer is just around the corner – which means your kids would only have a little time left for some fun under the sun.

Surely, you don’t want to just let summer end and start school without making it an unforgettable one. So, we prepared a list of the five things you should do before summer vacation ends! Check them out below.

Weekend beach trip

Go to the nearest beach resort in your place or look for new summer destinations. Today, falls and lakes are starting to become famous summer go-tos. Google places in nearby provinces and set that last summer hurrah with your family or friends!


Try going to the beach on a weekend and discover a new water sport (Photo from Canva)

Try a new water sport

You’ve been seeing pictures of your friends on social media trying out water activities such as wakeboarding, surfing, diving, flow boarding, parasailing, skurfing, etc. Try them out also because summer is the best time for these activities!

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Go camping

Whether it’s up in the mountains or at the beach, camping under the stars is a unique experience you won’t ever forget. You’ll spend the entire time reflecting on your life thus far, and it’ll help you face the next phase of the year with a renewed sense of being. Plus, there’s no better time to try camping out other than the dry season!


Celebrate the end of your summer with your friends and loved ones. (Photo from Pixabay)

Clean your room

It’s finally time to do what your mother’s been nagging you to do all these months — clean your room. But hey, it doesn’t have to be such a drag to do, as long as you don’t make it feel like a chore! Here’s a nifty guide to make tidying up spark joy within you!


Cleaning your bedroom during summer time may spark the joy in you. (Photo from Pinterest)

Celebrate the end of summer with your friends

Cap off your summer in the best way possible. Gather your friends for a night at home, at the beach, or wherever, and celebrate with booze or anything you want to drink! Toast to the unforgettable vacay you all had and to the wonderful days you all still have ahead of you.  Cheers to looking forward to next summer’s many adventures!

Plan out the last days of summer vacation with you friends and families, update your Instagram feed with your photos and enjoy!

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