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Lagunasia in Gamagori

Though this is kinda very late post, let me share the awesome getaway at Gamagori in Nagoya,

Laguna Ten Bosch aka Lagunasia. This was in August and was a summer treat for all of us.

I know you guys, understand 🙂

We, mom friends and  the kids  were  so  delighted  to  have experienced the pool and night swimming.

The plan was to stay in Nagoya after the swimming part and explore the rest of Nagoya after we

checked out from our hotel. And we were gifted with sunshine (lots of  it  actually,  we hardly contained

the heat LOL) and yes, it was a lovely day with the gang! The park offers swimming accesories for rent;

googles, floating rings/boats for just an affordable 1000yen. You can buy your swimming apparel right

in the venue itself, for there is a shopping area. Foods are available also, just not allowed for alcohol I

think, tho not so sure about this. Anyhow, the staff are so accomodating so you can ask anytime, anyway!

Just, you have to do it in Japanese language. 🙂


Lagunasia Night party and fireworks display



Laguna offers not just a swimming pool party at the beach park, it also has other attractions such as the

Flower Lagoon during Autumn which we are about to explore next time!


Stay tuned for that!



Lagunasia Admission Ticket: Adult 2250 yen Child: 1300 (6-11) 800 (3-5)

More details at their website

Meanwhile . .enjoy the video!

Til next!



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