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A Day in Nara With Love Ones

A day in Nara with family was a perfect Autumn getaway!

My family in Japan was so excited to welcome my father and youngest sibling and couldn’t wait for them to experience and enjoy Nara Prefecture with the deers and the scenery.

It was early Autumn and the leaves started to change colors.

Father had been so overwhelmed with the cold, ( it was not that cold yet, how much more would it be during

winter?) Though, he enjoyed and all smiles!

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And what was the most special, you say? The chance of sharing with them the experience firsthand! Not just on

videos or television but they, themselves, felt, explored and they were with us!  It was the highlight of the day and

well, maybe, they won’t forget and carry it through the rest of their lives and vice versa.

As for us, we have been so thankful for the endless smiles, laughter and never ending picture taking and

all are documented!


Check the video, from Kristina narrating!

Welcoming the tourists! <3


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