Tribute for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day celebration for this year will be at home for sure because of this quarantine. But it doesn’t mean, we cannot

make it more meaningful for the Queen of our lives, right?

Let me share my tribute to my one and only Mother.

I remember when I was in Grade 2. We were poor but happy!

One day, we didn’t have the money for our “baon” (back home,

we were handed a peso for our pocket money for our snacks. ) That day, mom,

wasn’t able to have the means so we went to

school without “baon” and she told us, she will follow us to school later.

And off we went.

And so, break time came, it was 10 am in the morning and there she was, waiting for me in the lobby.

It was the most heartwarming sight I ever saw!

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She was holding a piece of Mango fruit for me and my siblings!

My heart leaped for joy upon seeing that mango fruit she brought us!

For some, it was just that but for me, it shaped my being and planted a

thought of a selfless mother, willing to do anything for her children.

And a beautiful memory I will be bringing for the rest of my life.


Fast forward to today, she is having a great adventure as a Grandmother

to her grandchildren!

This post is all about her and all Mothers in the world.

What kind of world without them!

Happy Mother’s Day to my friends and Mothers around the world!


P.S Video was taken during her trip to Japan 10 years ago.


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